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Gazette & Notification
Sl. Name of the Gazette & Notification Date Subject
1 JUD(FC)-4/2008 20th September, 2013 Appointment of judge as Member, MACT in AP
2 HC.VII-02/2013/6934/A 12th August, 2013 Holding of Circuit Courts by Judicial Officers of GD-II
3 HC.VII-02/2013/6583/A 7th August, 2013 Appointment and posting order of Judicial Officers in GD-II
4 HC.VII-02/2013/6583/A 7th August, 2013 Appointment and posting of new Chief Judicial Magistrate in AP
5 HC.VII-02/2013/6221/A 26th July, 2013 Posting order of Judicial Officers, Grade-III
6 Jud-54/2013 3rd July, 2013 Appointment of Judicial Officers in GD-III in AP
7 HC.VII-02/2013/5007/A 11th June, 2013 Appointment and posting order of Additional District & Session Judges
8 JUD/Law-32/2011 16th February, 2012 Conferment of Power of Sessions on Additional District and Session Courts.
9 MMB(B)37/97 24th January, 2012 A.P. Victim Compensation Scheme 2011
10 JUD/LAW-32/2011 3rd November, 2011 Relocates of erstwhile FTC courts in AP
11 HMB(B)24/10 24th October, 2011 Application of code of criminal procedure 1973 in AP
12 JUD/DSC-37/2010 8th September, 2010 Authority to issue succession certificates
13 MDC/DC/2010/07 26th August, 2010 Conferment of powers of Special Courts under Drugs & Cosmetics Act
14 JUD-82/86(A) 12th August, 2010 Designated CBI Court in Arunachal Pradesh
15 JUD/DSC-37/2010 8th June, 2010 Withdrawal of powers to try civil cases from Deputy Commissioner
16 JUD(LAW)-47/2006 23rd November, 2007 Conferment of judicial powers on post basis in AP
17 JUD-26/86 10th September, 1987 Appointment of Circle Officers and Extra Assistant Commissioners as Assistant Commissioners
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