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Functions of the Department:
As per the Business of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh (Allocations) Rules, 1998 and corrected till date, this Department has been allocated the following business:
Administration of justice including vesting of judicial powers on officers of the Government;
Matters of establishment of High Court/Circuit Bench and its coordination;
Supervision of Government litigation in all courts;
Examination of all proposals to file suits/appeals of the State, vetting of affidavits, counter affidavits and written statements;
Matters of appointment of Advocate General, all Government advocates and Prosecutor in the Guwahati High Court and in the Supreme Court and approval for appointment of private lawyers by the Departments;
Constitution of Panel of Lawyers for the Courts in the State;
Schemes of up-gradation of judiciary;
Advice on legal matters and its interpretations;
Codification of laws;
Examination of Law Commission Reports;
Matters in respect of Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority;
Applications of legal aid under Cr.Pc.;
Vetting of all Bills, Rules, Orders, Documents, Regulations, Notifications etc;
Obtaining the assent to Bills as adopted by the Assembly and Reservations of the Bills for consideration of the President; 
Drafting of all Official Bills and Ordinances, its introduction in the Assembly and follow up actions.
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